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Our official launch is Feb 2, 2011


I'm looking at learning management software to offer each of the classes.


The Center Path is a Pagan church, not affiliated with any other organization. We are an eclectic church, creating our own rituals as they best suit our needs.

We do not feel ashamed to borrow that which works for us, nor do we feel arrogant to create something new. We recognize that our world is in a constant state of change and growth - always things that are new and unique are found beside that which is old and familiar. Religion, we feel, should echo nature in a similar fashion.

Visiting a celebration of The Center Path, one is likely to encounter the familiar and the new. One may see elements of Druidry or Wicca or other spiritual paths. The emphasis is not on purity, but on effectiveness.

Having visited us, take with you what you will, with our blessings. Or join us if you wish. What you have studied in the past is not a hindrance to your ability to learn or practice here - so long as you don't represent what you know as "the only way".