Always Beautiful

Helping people to feel good about themselves is a high calling indeed, but there are many things that may call to an individual in this world. On this page are some of the other things that speak to me, along with links to pages where you might find some more information.

LAKOTA Sioux Indian OUTREACH, Inc is an all volunteer non-profit organization established for the benefit of the LAKOTA People in the interest of preserving Lakota language and culture for generations to come. Our primary focus is literacy and education on ROSEBUD and PINE RIDGE Reservations in South Dakota. This is a worth-while organization that I help out as much as I am able. You can find their home page here.

Pugs are marvelous creatures. They are energetic, loving, and can brighten the darkest days. Here are some links about pugs. provides a wealth of information about the breed, as well as a message board where you can communicate with other owners.

The Pug Dog Club of North America provides a good deal of information, along with a list of breeders. If you want a pug, it's best to get them from a breeder or the rescue league, rather than from a source who might get their animals from an unscrupulous puppy mill.

Adopt-a-pug will help you find a pug in need of rescue near you.